New Art City, Kawaii Agency


Animation shown at Lucid City exhbition. 

Project Description

Cyborgian Robotters patrol the surface of mars, as examples of how in the future animals will be displaced from the earth and used as physical manifestations of policing, of the population, by tech billionaires.

Inspired by events of Otter attacks, and uses of Boston dynamics robot spot dogs to police social distancing in the pandemic.

The animation is an exploration into what our future robotic animal overlords would look like and how they would act: unpredictable in their playfulness, violence and absurdity. 

Online Exhibition Platform

Musk 4 Marks New Art City - Online Exhibition

Online Exhibition Space. 

Lucid City - London Exhibition

Images of Installation in St. Pauls Church, Camden Gardens.

Doozy Magazine - Magazine Launch and Event
Bristol based absurd arts magazine and events series

Progress Images

Designing the cyborg otter, previous modelled versions.